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Mike Hardy is a true renaissance man – he’s an Ironman, student pilot, real estate investor, sought after speaker, leadership expert, fund manager, and a business coach for mortgage and real estate professionals. 


He has spoken at national conferences and events such as Todd Duncan’s High Trust Sales Mastery, with an audience of over 30,000 people, and has been quoted on Fox Business News and interviewed by USA Today.


Mike is an authority in the real estate and mortgage business, often sought out for his unique insights into such issues as the comparison between the 2007 and 2022 housing markets. He is currently the Managing Partner of California & Nevada business for Churchill Mortgage, leading a top 1% nationwide $100 million origination team, and overseeing 30 employees managing $500 million. His teams help more than 1,200 families annually with a purchase or refinance. 


As the Principal and Co-Founder of CYRUS Opportunity Zone Fund, Mike lends his expertise to helping investors harness the power of tax free investing through OZs. CYRUS was launched in 2019, and is currently developing 100+ cash flowing units in addition to multiple fix and flip projects.


Mike is a husband of 25 years, a father to 4 kids, and is actively involved in philanthropic efforts throughout his Southern California community. He loves using his experience to add value to people's lives through speaking and interview opportunities.

Potential Speaking Topics

  • “Investing in Opportunity Zones for massive long term tax-free wealth”

  • “How to build a $100 million dollar mortgage business in 5 years”

  •  “State of the housing market: 2022 vs 2008”

  •   “Maximizing fix & flip profits through strategic partnerships”

  • “5 keys to building a network that explodes your net worth”

  •  “How to be a realtor’s first call in a competitive housing market”

  • "The Rule of Threes: how to guard your time"

  • ...and many more!

Mike's Areas of Expertise

Mortgage & Lending

Mike is a Managing Partner for California business for Churchill Mortgage, and leads a team that's in the top 1% nationwide. His experience with the lending and residential markets provides a deep insight into where we're at, and where we're headed.

Opportunity Zones Investing

Mike is the Principal and Co-Founder of CYRUS Opportunity Zone Fund. Started in 2019 to take advantage of the unbelievable tax incentives provided by the new OZ legislation, the fund is now well under way and producing strong consistent returns for investors

Leadership & Development

With a focus on genuine networking, efficient team building and effective communication, Mike's prowess in the leadership and business development sector has been forged in fire. The experience gleaned from his many entrepreneurial endeavors allow him to add huge value to podcast and seminar listeners.



Cindy Ertman
CEO & Founder of
The Defining Difference®

"Mike is a shining example of what is possible when you lead a life of intention and purpose, and he's an incredibly gifted leader in the mortgage industry.
We can all take a page from his book by adopting an abundance mindset and establishing weekly checkpoints to help stay on track to achieve the success and lifestyle we truly desire. You don’t want to miss hearing about the innovative wealth building and investment strategies that he’s used to build and sustain long term wealth in today’s market."


George Roberts III
Horizon Multifamily,
Host of The Foundery Podcast

"Mike Hardy is one of the leading lights in commercial real estate. In addition to his success in the mortgage lending and opportunity zone space, he is known for outstanding housing market analysis. Mike is definitely someone you want to know if you are competing anywhere in the commercial real estate market."

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