Cindy Ertman
CEO & Founder of
The Defining Difference®

Mike Hardy is an exemplary leader with one of the most focused visions I’ve seen in my career. Mike has done the work; he leads by example and sets a new standard for others to follow. I have had the privilege of having Mike present for my high-level mastermind groups on several occasions, and he always provides tremendous value, lessons to learn, and actionable takeaways.

His strategies on how to master your mindset, how to make your money work for you (instead of working for your money) and insightful wealth building tools are best-in-class, and he comes with my highest endorsement.


George Roberts III
Horizon Multifamily,
Host of The Foundery Podcast

"Mike Hardy is one of the leading lights in commercial real estate. In addition to his success in the mortgage lending and opportunity zone space, he is known for outstanding housing market analysis. Mike is definitely someone you want to know if you are competing anywhere in the commercial real estate market."


Jim Martindale

Martindale Commercial Real Estate

"When I think of Mike, I think integrity. Although an overused word, it really applies to Mike. Add that he is intelligent and a really caring person and you've got a great package.

I'll add just one more: hard worker. That's really all I need from the people I work with, but nothing less."


Jonathan Roche
Award-Winning Fitness Expert,

12x Ironman Finisher & Bestselling Author

“There are many people who talk about being committed to improving both personally and professionally. And most of them take some level of action in that pursuit. But there is a special and very unique group of people that are 100% all in and are relentless in their pursuit of personal and professional excellence - Mike Hardy is one of those special people. He is a driven, brilliant, and passionate visionary who has an unparalleled depth of knowledge in regards to creating wealth and the positive impact that can have on individuals, families, and communities. Although I’m a huge fan of his professional excellence, I’m more impressed with his relentless commitment to being a world-class husband and father. Mike is an inspiration to me and countless others!”

Mike's Areas of Expertise

Mortgage & Lending

Mike is a Managing Partner for California business for Churchill Mortgage, and leads a team that's in the top 1% nationwide. His experience with the lending and residential markets provides a deep insight into where we're at, and where we're headed.

Opportunity Zones Investing

Mike is the Principal and Co-Founder of CYRUS Opportunity Zone Fund. Started in 2019 to take advantage of the unbelievable tax incentives provided by the new OZ legislation, the fund is now well under way and producing strong consistent returns for investors

Leadership & Development

With a focus on genuine networking, efficient team building and effective communication, Mike's prowess in the leadership and business development sector has been forged in fire. The experience gleaned from his many entrepreneurial endeavors allow him to add huge value to podcast and seminar listeners.

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